At least the trailer is clean 🤣


  1. Dragon 211

    Dragon 211

    29 dagar sedan


  2. Screen Slasher

    Screen Slasher

    Månad sedan

    His last words: you still holding that ladder

  3. Paul3094


    Månad sedan

    Thanks for chocking up my feed grr

  4. Mr Airwalk

    Mr Airwalk

    Månad sedan

    How did he fall off?

  5. ml tma

    ml tma

    Månad sedan

    Wearing Flip-flops, ladder in the wrong angle, leans over. (I guess your SE-one tutorial ends here)

  6. levo


    Månad sedan


  7. Igor Kruczek

    Igor Kruczek

    Månad sedan

    O ja pie*dole ku*wa😥😱

  8. Жак Сампо

    Жак Сампо

    Månad sedan

    11секунд 👎

  9. Martijn Kusters VLOGS

    Martijn Kusters VLOGS

    Månad sedan

    Dear Failarmy, this is SE-one, not Tiktok!

  10. My moose knuckle

    My moose knuckle

    Månad sedan

    I watched it ten times I bet 😂😂

  11. Luca B.

    Luca B.

    Månad sedan

    stop spamming my feed, with this 10secs clips!!

  12. Rafael Vieira

    Rafael Vieira

    Månad sedan

    I dont get why people are complaining about these videos! We still have the long videos they are just adding more videos with these shorts! They are giving us more content, what is your problem?

  13. UnPocoDeTodo Fuerza y honor

    UnPocoDeTodo Fuerza y honor

    Månad sedan


  14. General Zod

    General Zod

    Månad sedan

    Horrible choice of footwear by the imbecile. Flip flops are a reliable indicator of people with low iq. They are totally unsuitable for _anything_ besides lounging by the pool or walking on the beach.

  15. Semirotta


    Månad sedan

    *Ah! No more big videos reposted stuff but short videos reposted stuff. GOOD JOB FA! GOOD JOB.* Note the sarcasm.

  16. Satorio


    Månad sedan

    Stop the spam or we'll unsub!

  17. Prof. Awesome

    Prof. Awesome

    Månad sedan

    If i wanna see 50 short clips in a row a browse reddit

  18. Aysentaro


    Månad sedan

    this is cancer plz stop

  19. Martin


    Månad sedan

    Now this is spam in my subscribtions…

  20. Shane Plyler

    Shane Plyler

    Månad sedan

    He was lucky the grass was wet...could have broken his leg/ankle if it didn't slip out from under him.

  21. Eagle Striker

    Eagle Striker

    Månad sedan

    Folks this is how a youtube channel commits suicide.

  22. even1313


    Månad sedan

    Keep it up fail army. This is how you kill a channel.

  23. Adrián Montesinos

    Adrián Montesinos

    Månad sedan

    Not funny 👹👎🏿

  24. Alan Owen

    Alan Owen

    Månad sedan

    Fuking spam

  25. CodeZeeZ


    Månad sedan

    Come on Failarmy. We are not subbed for these 10 second videos. We want the long one. These will just choke up the feed.

    • Shane Plyler

      Shane Plyler

      Månad sedan

      That's what happens now that YT is trying to compete with TikTok. Can't blame FA for jumping on the bandwagon

  26. Dragon 25

    Dragon 25

    Månad sedan

    Damn he hit it hard haha😅

  27. juippi1978


    Månad sedan

    I know some like the shorts but i will now unsub if you spam theese more

  28. SeasonZ


    Månad sedan

    oh dear. 10sec shorts is always a red flag that a channel is dead. I dare you to upload one more short. I can unsub then.

  29. TaNkSaLoT100


    Månad sedan

    Scripted! Why would anyone film that?

  30. Jaz


    Månad sedan

    Fuck off with the shorts. I'm close to unsubscribing. This isn't tik tok. Keep that shit on there

  31. mgLP Gref

    mgLP Gref

    Månad sedan


  32. Thorvald


    Månad sedan

    Why spamming feed with short clips? :



    Månad sedan

    It rained later on that day so he almost broke his leg for nothing😁

  34. Omar Opqhe

    Omar Opqhe

    Månad sedan

    Thank you I loved

  35. M Top

    M Top

    Månad sedan


  36. Chief Pontiac

    Chief Pontiac

    Månad sedan

    He's lucky he wasn't washing that trailer on concrete. He really would have damaged his ladder.

    • Andrew Jackson

      Andrew Jackson

      Månad sedan

      That one got me, well played.

  37. MephistoRolling


    Månad sedan

    quickest unsub ever.

  38. Sarcasm


    Månad sedan

    If you start posting individual 10 second fails - especially ones that you've already used in the montages - and crowding up the sub feed with them, I'm out (Before someone says it, I know I'm not important and it wouldn't matter much if *I* specifically left, just meant as viewer feedback)

    • Zer0W1LL


      Månad sedan

      I just unsubbed cus it's annoying to get only one, 10-60 video, that you can't swipe to see other videos like it.

    • Bambusleitung


      Månad sedan

      Yes agreed, goodbye

    • FL1NT'S UN1V3RS3

      FL1NT'S UN1V3RS3

      Månad sedan

      Agree; if these are going to be more common I'll unsub, might as well just go watch Tik Tok, it's the same.

    • JeppeFS


      Månad sedan

      You are not important, and it doesn't matter if you leave!!!!!!!! Jk. Agree :D

    • Kailyn Landwehr

      Kailyn Landwehr

      Månad sedan

      @ShadowLord17, same here

  39. Aethryx


    Månad sedan

    I'm unsubbing if this is the new thing you'll be doing

  40. UdonNoodlez


    Månad sedan

    i hate the new format. please dont spam my feed.

  41. Station Sixtyseven

    Station Sixtyseven

    Månad sedan

    Is this the future of FailArmy? Just re-posting what the originators already posted?

  42. Alexandros Mograine

    Alexandros Mograine

    Månad sedan

    why am i even still subbed, oh wait im not anymore.

  43. helifalic


    Månad sedan

    One more of these shorts and I'm finally unsubbing. Who's in charge over there making these stupid changes?

  44. Jim Halpert

    Jim Halpert

    Månad sedan

    Failarmy, if you don't stop spamming my feed with these stupid vertical short videos, I will have no other chance than to block you in my feed. Is that what you want??

  45. Rastang


    Månad sedan

    Please post only weekly compilation



    Månad sedan

    That is proper humour with the title lol

  47. Happychicx


    Månad sedan

    d rain will sort it out lol

  48. alze


    Månad sedan

    he really is very lucky not to break anything apart from his pride.

  49. Happychicx


    Månad sedan

    watched it 6x lol hope ur ok 👍

  50. Cycier


    Månad sedan


  51. AndenIDK


    Månad sedan

    Yea, unsubbed, tired of your tiktok shit.



    Månad sedan


  53. Up The Irons 79

    Up The Irons 79

    Månad sedan

    These "shorts" FA keeps posting is because they know you can't hide these from your sub feed

    • Niels Schellekens

      Niels Schellekens

      Månad sedan

      And also the "exploit" of Shorts being shoved down anyone's throat whether it's related content or not. Which is why almost every channel now is also cramming in a few shorts here and there because it's easy exposure.

  54. Niels Schellekens

    Niels Schellekens

    Månad sedan

    Thank you for saving us the trouble of needing to check 100 seperate videos instead of 1 video, oh wait...

  55. KingUSMCO


    Månad sedan


  56. Sir Krispy

    Sir Krispy

    Månad sedan

    *Person coming out of Van* :"U alr man?"

  57. Buttocks biter

    Buttocks biter

    Månad sedan

    this looks like a scene from one of those Ads that try to sell you something

  58. dong dong Li

    dong dong Li

    Månad sedan

    This is that the World needs

  59. MR


    Månad sedan

    What's with these 1 clip videoes ?

    • Yasviele Ch

      Yasviele Ch

      Månad sedan

      @str1375 Unusual MEmes Compilation always has good picks imo, I follow a lot of memes channel but they get really cringe sometimes with a popular meme or streamer, so I'm glad some channels still prioritize good fun

    • str1375


      Månad sedan

      last 5 videos have all been tik tok level of content, close to unsubbing and just finding other content.

  60. Tammy Beebe

    Tammy Beebe

    Månad sedan

    Thank you for making amazing videos I’ve been going through a hard time after this morning figuring out Scott cawthon creator of fnaf retired and so I was crying all morning but your videos really cheer me up even though I’m still sad I’m glad you post such great videos

    • helifalic


      Månad sedan

      The bastard better give us a straight explanation of the story before he goes.

    • Tammy Beebe

      Tammy Beebe

      Månad sedan

      @J IMAKREWITATL also I pretty much hate going outside unless it’s to get food

    • Tammy Beebe

      Tammy Beebe

      Månad sedan

      @J IMAKREWITATL nope cuz all of my shorts are being washed and it’s like 80 degrees outside



      Månad sedan

      Go outside and get some goddamn sunlight

  61. Norbi


    Månad sedan

    Thats why I dont clean my car

  62. Mr.catman Nomnom

    Mr.catman Nomnom

    Månad sedan

    Poor guy

  63. Isaiah Hewlett

    Isaiah Hewlett

    Månad sedan

    That was Awesome!!

  64. Stefano Simoncini

    Stefano Simoncini

    Månad sedan

    Guardo la gente che si fa male. Poi ci rido su... Perché mi sento giù..

  65. Seth Kaicer

    Seth Kaicer

    Månad sedan

    Today's lesson boys and girls you just can't fix stupid.

  66. clem art lego

    clem art lego

    Månad sedan


  67. Marc


    Månad sedan

    nice vidoe

  68. Billie Eilish Vevo Yt

    Billie Eilish Vevo Yt

    Månad sedan

    Imagine a Heart From Fail Army

    • DxBlack


      Månad sedan

      Imagine not being a bot.

  69. Hi No Playtime

    Hi No Playtime

    Månad sedan