1. I'm Always Right

    I'm Always Right

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    These compilations always lift my spirit

    • 💫


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    • GreatMnn


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      @FailArmy, You are one first channel I ever Suscribed on SE-one.....

    • Sudhir Dudeja

      Sudhir Dudeja

      4 dagar sedan

      From where ?

    • Joe seph

      Joe seph

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      Finally a good video, its been a while!

  2. Isaac Lageschulte

    Isaac Lageschulte

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    My guy just got floored by a ping pong ball

  3. RanOutOfIdeas


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    D- Did that first guy chloroform himself?

  4. Otakuryoga


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    0:20 does this smell like chloroform to you?

  5. SpingBing


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    5:03 He slid like he was playing apex

  6. Arthur Morgan

    Arthur Morgan

    12 timmar sedan

    Damn. My father and I was laughing at everything

  7. Matthew Pugsley

    Matthew Pugsley

    17 timmar sedan

    What is with people trying to lift heavy when clearly they can’t. Stop trying to act cool. You could hurt yourself.

  8. David M

    David M

    19 timmar sedan

    1:44 Skynet attack has started! 🤖

  9. LH


    22 timmar sedan

    0:30 - Why are there always a couple of videos in these compilations that are clearly NOT fails by any definition? For example, this is the entirely expected and intended outcome of two people in Zorb balls colliding. You guys are FailArmy, is it wrong to expect you to have an accurate working definition of a fail? 😂

  10. LH


    22 timmar sedan

    0:07 - When you fail so hard that the Matrix code behind everything in reality is momentarily displayed! 😂

  11. Mello yello

    Mello yello

    23 timmar sedan

    How he dropped her at the wave and she came back with karma🤣🤣

  12. Luis Camacho

    Luis Camacho

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  13. millertas


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    "OOP" ROFL.

  14. bKitteh


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    Sorry. Too much pain & injury in this one. Couldn't watch the whole thing.

  15. loretta mackey

    loretta mackey

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    The wanting var verbs = [aardvark markedly curve because gray simulteneously fail via a separate helmet. therapeutic, curious ease

  16. Kyle Davis

    Kyle Davis

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    😑 0:30 fail my ass that's a fun looking win in my book

  17. Greg Smith

    Greg Smith

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    People are sooooooooo stupid!

  18. Tommy


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    Hey that shit at 6mins in isn't funny!

  19. A L

    A L

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    GEEEZ who thought water sports with a ball and a kayak in a small area was a good idea.....Give them a Darwin award...what an idiot

  20. Rman Nayr

    Rman Nayr

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  21. Rman Nayr

    Rman Nayr

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  22. paul Müller

    paul Müller

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    It gives truly too much stupid idiots !!! piss me off 🤙🏻

  23. nonamekevin


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    Best fail army I've seen in awhile. Keep up the knockouts

  24. A Blank

    A Blank

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    1:48 y'all remember skip-it?

  25. Karrie Rocha

    Karrie Rocha

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  26. Adriana Briviesca

    Adriana Briviesca

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    7:31 THAT BOI ROLLIN🤣🤣

  27. Simon Banks

    Simon Banks

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    Do we really need subtitles of "hahahaha"?

  28. goodvibrations6


    2 dagar sedan

    he alive 1:20?

  29. Kuzzznetsov 88

    Kuzzznetsov 88

    2 dagar sedan

    Вот это добротный выпуск!

  30. David Donaghy

    David Donaghy

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    3:00. Serves him right.

  31. E. T.

    E. T.

    2 dagar sedan

    07:34 i swear u can see an animal eyes looking right into your soul

  32. Rohan Bhoya

    Rohan Bhoya

    2 dagar sedan

    1:44 Me:trying to calm my girl...

  33. Dan 035

    Dan 035

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    4:02 sounds like the farmer from Shawn the sheep

    • Jazzie Hopkins

      Jazzie Hopkins

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  34. Nicholas Malczewski

    Nicholas Malczewski

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    People r dumb 😂😂😂

  35. Pawk Dahl

    Pawk Dahl

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    0:01-0:06 🏳️‍🌈 screaming like 🏳️‍🌈 🤣🤣🤣

  36. Anthony Curreri

    Anthony Curreri

    2 dagar sedan

    Hey look at me! I lifted a really heavy weight and then passed out! Aren't you impressed? No....... No I'm not..... Not in the least.

  37. Adrian Louw

    Adrian Louw

    2 dagar sedan

    5:26 that's a double KO right there...

  38. David Beaulieu

    David Beaulieu

    2 dagar sedan

    Humans are incredibly intelligent create the most wonderful inventions link entire societies via the Internet be of the Internet and then you have this. I think evolution sort of divided itself. We have the super intelligent the dumb and the dumber

  39. The ShepherD

    The ShepherD

    2 dagar sedan

    3 more seconds of thought and most of this could have been avoided.

  40. Adrian Kalitka

    Adrian Kalitka

    3 dagar sedan

    It's Joshua Fabia flying the drone at :55 . I'm guessing this is how he spied on Dana White 😂

  41. 602Native


    3 dagar sedan

    it's not falling itself that injures you, its panicking and falling that does.

  42. Matthew B

    Matthew B

    3 dagar sedan

    Can we all just take a moment to appreciate that they didn’t include any portrait mode videos?

  43. Matej Kovačić

    Matej Kovačić

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    Was that second clip literally just chloroform?!!! HAhahahAHHA

  44. Scott Boyd

    Scott Boyd

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    My favorite part was “oops”.

  45. Sava


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    1:45 😂😂😂

  46. TC NY

    TC NY

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    Remember, the motorcyclownist is always at fault.

  47. guylherme


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    3:42 aaee algum br kakaka

  48. Palmer Eldritch

    Palmer Eldritch

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    6:49 - That's not alcohol. It's most probably Benzos + Opiates. I've seen people on Xanax plus Oxy fall asleep while walking and mid sentence while speaking.

  49. Mwila Chola

    Mwila Chola

    3 dagar sedan

    1:49 Man vs Machine, guess who's winning🤣

  50. Davey


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    3:57 Arthur Morgan ⁉️⁉️⁉️

  51. Alexis Diestro

    Alexis Diestro

    3 dagar sedan

    That scooter guy at 3:20 shouldn’t even have been on that lane

  52. El Gato Chad

    El Gato Chad

    3 dagar sedan

    4:55 Estoy seguro que ese movimiento no se lo enseñaron los jedi

  53. Crazy Bombard

    Crazy Bombard

    3 dagar sedan

    1:43 im dying

  54. krix pop

    krix pop

    3 dagar sedan

    I fainted from the beginning lmao !!! 0:18 "See, it doesn't wor..." 😂🤣😅😂

  55. Tejas Mhatre

    Tejas Mhatre

    3 dagar sedan

    It's Very Funny 😂😂😂

  56. Jimbo Vitikan

    Jimbo Vitikan

    3 dagar sedan

    3:55 return to pig

  57. James Melchionno

    James Melchionno

    3 dagar sedan

    a hipster getting wrecked by a Segway....HAHAHA you got what u deserved douche canoe!!!

  58. onixxx.so2


    3 dagar sedan

    7:19 double kill

  59. Donald Thomas

    Donald Thomas

    4 dagar sedan

    That tattoo artist is irresponsible. He should've listened to the client. Instead, he was thinking about the client's gf.

  60. Chorrell Piqué

    Chorrell Piqué

    4 dagar sedan

    @1:58 His instructor was having such a good time and then he thought he had a dead person on him 😂😂

  61. Svpracer98


    4 dagar sedan

    0:18 is classic

  62. Gary Russ

    Gary Russ

    4 dagar sedan

    Concussions are funny.

  63. Galaxy ride

    Galaxy ride

    4 dagar sedan

    Some aren't funny some of em are dangerous. Wtf?

  64. SigMa Prime

    SigMa Prime

    4 dagar sedan

    That Ref is 100% in the next dimension

  65. Southern Gentleman

    Southern Gentleman

    4 dagar sedan

    She was wise to abandon ship

  66. Rye Bread

    Rye Bread

    4 dagar sedan

    1:22 dude got his bell rung. Holeechit



    4 dagar sedan

    Was fun to watch. Great video

  68. Daniel G

    Daniel G

    4 dagar sedan

    FailArmy ran out of new fails... these are all recycled , some of them are from years ago

  69. Ghosty Frost

    Ghosty Frost

    4 dagar sedan

    4:10 this band is actually pretty good. Who is that playing?

  70. Diego Ramos

    Diego Ramos

    4 dagar sedan

    The guy fell with the weights 💪

  71. Sham Shielded

    Sham Shielded

    4 dagar sedan

    That tattoo artist shoulda stopped and checked his client as soon as he said he was gonna pass out.

  72. angel


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  73. angel


    4 dagar sedan

    1:20 what tf the creator of think was thinking

  74. marcos laureano

    marcos laureano

    4 dagar sedan

    At 0:20 what the hell happened? Did he sniff ether or something?

  75. The dM

    The dM

    4 dagar sedan

    That ref got everything he deserved.

  76. gregory ferko

    gregory ferko

    4 dagar sedan

    Some of these would look good coming from the guys from Jackass. I'd see that movie.

  77. J. Kerr

    J. Kerr

    4 dagar sedan


  78. J. Kerr

    J. Kerr

    4 dagar sedan

    Love the guy who closes the door like a tiny person is entering instead of a GIANT!

  79. BaronBoar


    4 dagar sedan

    Hey, you can't move like that man. Dude was just saying he feels like he is going to pass out...

  80. Luke Reacts

    Luke Reacts

    4 dagar sedan


  81. ꧁ ● Predestiny ● ꧂

    ꧁ ● Predestiny ● ꧂

    4 dagar sedan

    1:18 That’s a thing?- How tf did I not know abt this 🤣 Also ppl are so dramatic 🤣😂

  82. Dr.TupperLutz


    4 dagar sedan

    Anybody knows the band at 4:18 ? XD

  83. realgames


    4 dagar sedan

    Anyone know the name of the band at 4:13

  84. G-Spot Gabe 2.0

    G-Spot Gabe 2.0

    4 dagar sedan

    5:27 "Oooh! He just knocked that lady out." *casually proceeds filming*

  85. MissNatalie55555


    4 dagar sedan

    Anyone else who is boiling hot and steaming with this heat wave watching this stuff? 😒😑

  86. Joshie


    4 dagar sedan

    Smells Like Fails Spirit

  87. SpoilerOne- La trama e la recensione

    SpoilerOne- La trama e la recensione

    4 dagar sedan

    6:25 maybe help the guy instead filming his pass out

  88. Yury Uraken

    Yury Uraken

    4 dagar sedan

    5:21 чувак попал сам в себя в будущем, когда он уже понял, что борд это зло

  89. Llama Sugar

    Llama Sugar

    4 dagar sedan

    See . . . It doesn’t . . . 🤣🤣🤣💀

  90. Jack Dursley

    Jack Dursley

    4 dagar sedan

    2:25 I died 😂😂

  91. azir main

    azir main

    4 dagar sedan

    Why you had to switch from the father son sword fight to the motorcycle crash?? Gave me a fcking hard attack xD

  92. dori dez

    dori dez

    4 dagar sedan

    Oopsy 🤣🤣😘💯👍✌

  93. Thanatos616


    4 dagar sedan

    1:57 Skydiving monitor: Are you enjoying it? Student: Windows XP off sound. 3:57 Bonanza goes wrong XD.

  94. Mr. B

    Mr. B

    4 dagar sedan

    1:47 Imagine telling your friends you got our ass kicked by a Segway. LMAO!

  95. uroy nelson

    uroy nelson

    4 dagar sedan

    the weight lifter looked like peter griffin after he falls down the stairs 🤣

  96. 1234gs


    4 dagar sedan

    What kind of demon came in the Segway?

  97. Максим Максимов

    Максим Максимов

    4 dagar sedan

    Подборка баянов

  98. F. Strohriegl

    F. Strohriegl

    4 dagar sedan

    Im glad to see all the cameras were ok

  99. Ace Trainer AJ

    Ace Trainer AJ

    4 dagar sedan

    4:54 Throwing a sword always works.

  100. TrainWr3ck


    4 dagar sedan

    Let's be honest, failarmy is badass, it will never die.