This man needs a turtle shell!


  1. Tj Cross

    Tj Cross

    14 dagar sedan

    I swear this has never happened to me

  2. DxD Ron27

    DxD Ron27

    19 dagar sedan

    "Ow My Spine!" I'm Saying.



    Månad sedan

    just walk it off bro.

  4. Svarog Sacerdos

    Svarog Sacerdos

    Månad sedan

    Ска пздц, у меня аж сжалось всё от боли😖

  5. Stephen Russ

    Stephen Russ

    Månad sedan

    No he will feel the pain in approximately about another 10-15 years you're young and dumb once in your life you're not going to stay young

  6. Yakow Maximow

    Yakow Maximow

    Månad sedan


  7. Jaromanda X

    Jaromanda X

    Månad sedan

    Why is it that I think it would look less painful if he had a shirt on! I know it would hurt just as much, but ... psychology, am I right?

  8. Martin Nielsen

    Martin Nielsen

    Månad sedan

    DAMN that nust have hurt, hope you are well again. Fantastic video, I´m afraid.

  9. Евгений Ч

    Евгений Ч

    Månad sedan


  10. Bad Company Built

    Bad Company Built

    Månad sedan

    Oh dear god no

  11. k4bloggs


    Månad sedan


  12. КИНО Movie

    КИНО Movie

    Månad sedan

    Это было очень больно

  13. maxphilly


    Månad sedan

    This isn't funny

  14. frederic thom

    frederic thom

    Månad sedan

    this man need more than turtle shell , he need surgery , i think ...

  15. SiLeNt


    Månad sedan




    Månad sedan

    Ruptured spleen .

  17. Hunter 82

    Hunter 82

    Månad sedan

    Give your lil brother his shorts back.

  18. Life’s_DanK


    Månad sedan


  19. Stupid


    Månad sedan

    I had this happen to me on my first backside boardslide, it was on a down rail. I feel his pain and it sucks.

  20. SlCKB0Y


    Månad sedan

    In the words of Hanzo Asashi : "YOU GONNA SUFFER !!!"

  21. Lfomod


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  22. El Duderino

    El Duderino

    Månad sedan

    Not funny, just painful to watch. Hope he is fine.

  23. Grant Schoolbus

    Grant Schoolbus

    Månad sedan

    Always good to take lessons straight out of nature. Wear your helmets.

    • FL1NT'S UN1V3RS3

      FL1NT'S UN1V3RS3

      Månad sedan

      A helmet wouldn't have helped him at all in this situation.

  24. AntoxaBatoxa


    Månad sedan

    Do this exercise every morning and your back pain will be gone.

  25. Kyrielle Punongbayan

    Kyrielle Punongbayan

    Månad sedan

    thats legit pain right there

  26. Neo Gecko

    Neo Gecko

    Månad sedan

    you cant walk off that kinda pain

  27. Dani S

    Dani S

    Månad sedan


  28. Edwin Ang

    Edwin Ang

    Månad sedan

    Awww my back MY BACKKKKKKK

  29. Stacie English

    Stacie English

    Månad sedan

    He needs protection....... Someone buy this guy a warehouse of Bubble wrap while I go an buy lots of stock in bubble wrap 😁😁

  30. Tomek Vilmovskiy

    Tomek Vilmovskiy

    Månad sedan

    Yeah, we DEFINITELY need more 5sec videos. I guess, most people watches 20sec ads to watch these 5 secs...

  31. Hugh Mongus the third

    Hugh Mongus the third

    Månad sedan

    I FEEL BAD FOR LAUGHING UGHHHHHH I know it would've hurt if it was me but damn I couldn't help but laugh rip

  32. This is BAXTER

    This is BAXTER

    Månad sedan

    It was more shoulder blade

  33. Barry McCaulkiner

    Barry McCaulkiner

    Månad sedan

    Boardslide to endless back pain. Gnarly.

  34. Matthew B

    Matthew B

    Månad sedan

    Yeah that hurt.

  35. Brady Taylor

    Brady Taylor

    Månad sedan

    He just remembered why he stopped skating.

  36. Bryzo4_20


    Månad sedan


  37. Jake Røbert99'

    Jake Røbert99'

    Månad sedan

    It is not funny to see people suffer😐.

  38. sanoop sajan

    sanoop sajan

    Månad sedan

    What a painfull day for him 😅😅😅



    Månad sedan

    My neck my back

  40. hounddog2952


    Månad sedan

    He pissed blood for a month

  41. foofighters_archive


    Månad sedan


  42. Михаил Нонейм

    Михаил Нонейм

    Månad sedan

    Not funny

  43. Slicktop 2jz

    Slicktop 2jz

    Månad sedan

    He needs some milk

  44. Robert The Genius

    Robert The Genius

    Månad sedan

    if anyone has skated and knows about a fall like this OUCHHHHHHHHHH

  45. Manish Goud ❤️

    Manish Goud ❤️

    Månad sedan

    That hurts so bad, I felt that 🥺😰

  46. JustInternet Noise

    JustInternet Noise

    Månad sedan

    Was a few centimetres from damaging his spine

  47. Ytfrot


    Månad sedan


  48. Wigger Wednesday

    Wigger Wednesday

    Månad sedan


  49. Ranger Bill

    Ranger Bill

    Månad sedan

    That will produce a bruise of many colors..

  50. Action Costanza 3D

    Action Costanza 3D

    Månad sedan

    Oh he got backed

  51. Julio Cesar hernandez perez

    Julio Cesar hernandez perez

    Månad sedan

    Que vergazo

  52. man terkukur trg

    man terkukur trg

    Månad sedan

    Shittt... 😮😮😮

  53. Northern Life

    Northern Life

    Månad sedan

    Holy fuck FailArmy, stop spamming us with shorts, fucking unsubbed

  54. Victor


    Månad sedan

    How to develop an opioid addiction.

  55. kotokid31


    Månad sedan

    Skating is gnarly man. Shits crucial

  56. quickthinker


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  57. Rome Meza

    Rome Meza

    Månad sedan

    Eeesh! Did anyone else arch their back when he fell??

  58. Insurance Agent

    Insurance Agent

    Månad sedan

    His back is broken. SPINAL!

    • gprime70


      Månad sedan


  59. Eliya


    Månad sedan

    First video in a long time that made me gasp, oh my goodness! 😟

  60. Seek Truth

    Seek Truth

    Månad sedan

    Don’t put theses videos on SE-one

  61. Drev Pile

    Drev Pile

    Månad sedan

    What is this "short" bs? Unsub if my feed is just going to be this...

  62. MS


    Månad sedan

    oh god, i hope his spine is ok. it could totally paralyze him if he broke his spine.

  63. Szapio


    Månad sedan

    He needs a spine

  64. Christian Oliver

    Christian Oliver

    Månad sedan

    A turtle shell?? NOPE!! This dude was about 3 inches away from a penectomy!!

  65. Lil Baldo

    Lil Baldo

    Månad sedan

    Since then he switched to front boardslides

  66. Sea2RV


    Månad sedan

    Flesh and bone meet metal. Metal wins every time.

    • frederic thom

      frederic thom

      25 dagar sedan

      @Philipp Feichtl pfffff ok ... you are right !

    • Philipp Feichtl

      Philipp Feichtl

      25 dagar sedan

      @frederic thom mercury is extremely toxic. Toxic effects include damage to the brain, kidneys and lungs. So the metal wins

    • frederic thom

      frederic thom

      Månad sedan

      what about mercury ?

    • Matthew B

      Matthew B

      Månad sedan

      Actually my fist beat the locker one time back in 05 but that was a one off.

  67. Punelope Punstop

    Punelope Punstop

    Månad sedan

    Hope he had a doctor look at that afterwards…

  68. Jay Three

    Jay Three

    Månad sedan

    There comes a point in your life where if you have not made it pro, it's time to give it up, this should be his sign

  69. Jihma


    Månad sedan

    I know everyone here cringed 😬

  70. Juan Louis

    Juan Louis

    Månad sedan

    Probably broke a rib or something

  71. Luis Camacho

    Luis Camacho

    Månad sedan

    This dude corrected all his back problems on one appointment!

    • ForzaWiz


      15 dagar sedan

      @shuttze that’s literally what my back feels like 90 % of the time lmao

    • shuttze


      Månad sedan

      more like created

  72. Jeremy F.

    Jeremy F.

    Månad sedan

    Why did I think Mario Kart? 😳🤭

  73. Train Track

    Train Track

    Månad sedan


  74. TOUR T

    TOUR T

    Månad sedan

    Nice one 🎯

  75. J_lynsation


    Månad sedan

    Gaahleee bro😣

  76. 3k2p6


    Månad sedan

    And a helmet, he could be dead right now...

  77. Andiiboy der king

    Andiiboy der king

    Månad sedan


  78. xSMOKEx


    Månad sedan

    How long was he screaming in agony, anyone know? lol

    • frederic thom

      frederic thom

      Månad sedan

      stupid question man !!!! he never stop screaming since this landing , when you read this, he screaming !!! :)

  79. Gesaffelstein is all you need

    Gesaffelstein is all you need

    Månad sedan

    I was w8ing bleeding

  80. Wasted Anguish

    Wasted Anguish

    Månad sedan

    That hurts now but just wait until tomorrow. Wow.

    • Rach Kate

      Rach Kate

      Månad sedan

      Legend has it he’s still in pain

  81. mt vrhj

    mt vrhj

    Månad sedan

    Dat doet toch pijn

  82. Flivver j

    Flivver j

    Månad sedan


  83. NeilPower


    Månad sedan

    Or a large backpack stuffed with pillows.

  84. HOOPSY


    Månad sedan

    This man needs 0.25 speed

  85. offpher J

    offpher J

    Månad sedan

    That'll leave a mark..

  86. sneakpeeker


    Månad sedan

    It wasn't that bad

  87. Hazukro


    Månad sedan

    this is not snapchat, also this clip has been used in your previous video already. so lazy its not even funny.

  88. DonnieV


    Månad sedan

    Worst possible place to fall at the entire spot.

  89. Noah Harding

    Noah Harding

    Månad sedan

    Is the rail ok tho

  90. Rachel Vieth

    Rachel Vieth

    Månad sedan

    Ouch that’s gotta hurt

  91. Learn more

    Learn more

    Månad sedan


  92. mgLP Gref

    mgLP Gref

    Månad sedan


  93. Annie R.

    Annie R.

    Månad sedan

    I felt that. Ouch!!

  94. Wolfzeee


    Månad sedan

    Yes yes he does

  95. Superpingviini


    Månad sedan


  96. Yano SB

    Yano SB

    Månad sedan

    Omg no I fell him😲

  97. daniel lopez

    daniel lopez

    Månad sedan

    Que mala suerte de el tipo

  98. Cysiek


    Månad sedan

    Please not this tiktok short format clips thing

  99. Mike Jaz

    Mike Jaz

    Månad sedan

    Go on lad, put your back into it!

  100. MiniBeast™


    Månad sedan

    He's the type of guy to look up and down before crossing the road