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  1. Yesu


    Månad sedan

    0:13 that's one way of kicking out people who over stay their welcome & don't know when to go home aka my mother in law.

    • Woknorant


      8 dagar sedan

      @chris sounds like the punishment totally fit the crime. Turns out people actually don’t like assholes.

    • Martha Packard

      Martha Packard

      9 dagar sedan

      Too many of these made me gasp in horror. I had to stop watching. That girl on the horse was so lucky. She could have easily been killed.

    • Kitty


      12 dagar sedan

      @Norbert Simkó When stupid becomes smart, I choose stupid every time.

    • FireDramine7


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      @chris I would not comment something like that without knowing the circumstances.

    • Bill the Welding Sloth

      Bill the Welding Sloth

      14 dagar sedan

      @chris lol stfu chris

  2. Jason


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    The guy didn't kick the tractor hard enough..

  3. Phil Prtn

    Phil Prtn

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    I like this farmer, in some places the intruder would have been shot instead just the car removed!

  4. mattchurchill


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    Well done to that farmer. That'll teach that bellend a lesson😊

  5. Huntoo Hamling

    Huntoo Hamling

    3 dagar sedan

    I'm gonna be honest, unless these guys trespassed multiple times or vandalized or were asked to leave multiple times or something, that farmer is a real pos. He WAY overreacted. I would hope he didn't just jump straight to this reaction, and asked them to leave first or something, but probably not. Come on dude

  6. Papwithanhatchet


    3 dagar sedan

    Watching these videos makes my back hurt.

  7. Hitman


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    На некоторые вещи больно смотреть

  8. Very Iznogoodd

    Very Iznogoodd

    3 dagar sedan

    Bravo 👏 j'adore 💕

  9. Phantom Rail Productions

    Phantom Rail Productions

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    2:27 Guess the barrel wanted to follow him.

  10. Noob Tube

    Noob Tube

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    7:40 is epic! 😱

  11. Bravo


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    2:32 went from "ASMR" to "Jesus take the wheel" real quick

  12. Another One

    Another One

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    At 4:45 ...uh ...what in hell is that wit da tattoos, anyway?? The Average American, nowadays. Comedy Gold!

  13. A Todaso

    A Todaso

    5 dagar sedan

    Get off my land losers!

  14. louise george

    louise george

    6 dagar sedan

    that 1st one is deffo not a fail - that was a.w.e.s.o.m.e.

  15. Cook, Eat, Live, Repeat !

    Cook, Eat, Live, Repeat !

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    The farmer came, destroyed and won.

  16. Ya Da Plays Badminton

    Ya Da Plays Badminton

    6 dagar sedan

    So I know the lad who’s car it is. He’s filming and pretty much what happened was him and the lad kicking the tractor (who’s a knobhead by the way) we’re driving and his tire popped out. They needed to bring the car to the side of the road obviously to let traffic past so they aren’t blocking the road but since it was a country road there are no pavements so it would be like leaving your car in a ditch and they wouldn’t be able to get help from the people who were going to tow his car away. They decided to park just on the farmer land (which is against the law) and the farmer asked them to leave. The lad kicking the tractor was being a dickhead cos he was drunk and then thought he’d move the car himself and that’s where the video starts. Also, the car got towed away and it was a courtesy car. The police showed up and gave them a lift to the nearest train station so they could get home.

  17. Jason Daniel

    Jason Daniel

    7 dagar sedan

    0:59, 1:17 - Never mess with the power of water! 8:01 - I do not understand how this gale force wind is a "fail." I did a lot more cringing than laughing at this video. Some of these people were badly hurt!

  18. William Rollins

    William Rollins

    8 dagar sedan

    Black girl bonking her head is sooooo cute!!

  19. kevin hogan

    kevin hogan

    8 dagar sedan

    More people should be like this farmer and fight for their country like this.

  20. Rosa Perez

    Rosa Perez

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  21. Steve hand

    Steve hand

    8 dagar sedan

    In the words of my hero Arnie, "I'll be back"

  22. Chad Eyler

    Chad Eyler

    8 dagar sedan

    4:48 Randomly shouting at unaware people at a very high volume is neither funny nor is it a "fail".

    • Jason Daniel

      Jason Daniel

      7 dagar sedan

      I guess quarantine warped her mind.

  23. Geoffrey Moulton

    Geoffrey Moulton

    9 dagar sedan

    Good on the farmer, years ago I had a place with Asian neighbors, there guest would park in my driveway and on my lawn, I asked them not to park there many time's and they would say every time "very sorry, very sorry" so one day I got home and there were 3 cars and I couldn't get in my drive to my garage, So I parked and blocked them in and went for a walk to the movies, when I got back they were rocking my car and trying to push it out of the way, I simply said "would you like me to move my car" they said "yes" they never parked on my property again

  24. AndrewVelonis


    9 dagar sedan

    Okay so you include a few wins, I'm okay with that. But: how is walking up to someone and screaming a "fail"? Stupid and puerile, sure, but when you intend to do something and then go ahead and do it, that's not a fail. Natural disasters damage things, parking lots get flooded, lightweight objects get blown around in high winds, that's an event, neither a win nor a fail.

  25. theMANwhoTSOLDtheWORLD


    9 dagar sedan

    Want to say the farmer gets my like, but tractors killing the hired hands on farms by far outweighs the good done here...

  26. finsclapping


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    did that horse just do that in purpose? 1:52 that's how you get rid of clingy friends. toss them to the ground I guess.

  27. finsclapping


    9 dagar sedan

    That farmer just earned his Russian citizenship.

  28. Maximiliano Noriega

    Maximiliano Noriega

    9 dagar sedan

    Oh no, the phone fell in water! Quick! Wash it with water!!!

  29. giorgie park

    giorgie park

    9 dagar sedan

    The first one is not funny... It's awful...

  30. 金ピカステーキ


    10 dagar sedan

    Trust me those slams HURT LIKE HELL (I body slam and head slam everyday by skateboarding)

  31. Silver Surfer

    Silver Surfer

    10 dagar sedan

    I would have put it in a tree scum bags don’t belong on his property

  32. Paul Roberts

    Paul Roberts

    10 dagar sedan

    Farmer would have been better locking the gate and impounding the car until the owner paid a huge parking fee.

  33. J. Pendergrass

    J. Pendergrass

    10 dagar sedan

    When you’re so mad you think you can beat up someone locked in an armored vehicle.

  34. Steven Knight

    Steven Knight

    11 dagar sedan

    Dude I've been looking for this clip forever

  35. Spencer Matthews

    Spencer Matthews

    11 dagar sedan

    Aunt Jemima got it good at 2:43!!

  36. Reyna Reyea

    Reyna Reyea

    11 dagar sedan

    Esta malo

  37. Reyna Reyea

    Reyna Reyea

    11 dagar sedan

    Por que tanta maldad

  38. Futhark


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    That would be one dead farmer if he did that to me.

  39. hopndon


    11 dagar sedan

    Better call Jake from State Farm.

  40. A B

    A B

    12 dagar sedan

    Wow that girl is incredibly lucky the horse didn’t break her legs or back

  41. MakSoul


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    1:30 - Я аж на себе это прочувствовал!

  42. highdownmartin


    13 dagar sedan

    I would have poured slurry all round the car. Or dug a trench all round the car. Or pilled hay bales all round it. He’d have got the message in the end

  43. Marsha Grubbs

    Marsha Grubbs

    13 dagar sedan

    Good job! Stay off private property d....a ....

  44. N-Gin & TonicTM

    N-Gin & TonicTM

    13 dagar sedan

    Gee, isn't it funny how they only started filming when the farmer retaliated like that... I sure hope that wasn't anything they said or did to result in this. Nope. Nothing at all.

  45. Daniel White

    Daniel White

    13 dagar sedan

    the farmer was funny but obviously getting done for destruction of property

  46. Rossouw Malherbe

    Rossouw Malherbe

    13 dagar sedan

    Man i love farmers! I am a South African farmer!

  47. Dennis Cashell

    Dennis Cashell

    14 dagar sedan

    whack a mole, at its Finest

  48. RayAboutLife


    14 dagar sedan

    I’d of really hurt that farmer

  49. Ghosty Frost

    Ghosty Frost

    14 dagar sedan

    That farmer needs some prison time for sure. Could have killed that dude and totally overreacted. Some people are mental about protecting their fucking land

  50. Mr Quagmire

    Mr Quagmire

    14 dagar sedan

    Farmer 1-0 Geordie chavs. 👍

  51. Sorry my english is so suck

    Sorry my english is so suck

    15 dagar sedan

    Why is everyone defending the farmer he nearly fucking killed the dude.

  52. F3rr3ll RAF

    F3rr3ll RAF

    16 dagar sedan

    Car farming looks fun... still sh!t for the environment 🤪



    16 dagar sedan

    0:58 that wave almost killed my friend

  54. NiRo276


    16 dagar sedan

    2:33 "A little ASMR for the girrrrls.. Yeah.. Shswhswshswhshsw" 😂😂

  55. Solomon Strain

    Solomon Strain

    16 dagar sedan

    fatmers think they are doin a great service to the world this was totally wrong anger means stupid all farmers are I worked to bout ten different farmers the do everything thing but work hard but they dress like they do work hard what they do they get people to do the hard word for them pay shite money work them in to the ground and then they go to church at the weekend and think that will get them in to the next life lol😂they are in for a big shock if I was them I would just stop wasting there time getting dressed to go to church and do what they are good at been slave masters and people think black people were the only ones get treated as slaves come work for an irish farmer use know what use are but yous will have to face your maker someday good luck with that

  56. Varaz Gharakhanian

    Varaz Gharakhanian

    17 dagar sedan

    don’t mess w transfarmers

  57. Ken Wilson

    Ken Wilson

    17 dagar sedan

    4:04 We're Gunna need a bigger boat.

  58. Ken Wilson

    Ken Wilson

    17 dagar sedan

    1:30. Not funny. That's gotta hurt.

  59. SlimeBucket64


    17 dagar sedan

    4:57 I love how he says, “Oh you done it again,” like this is something that happens every other week.

  60. Demef


    18 dagar sedan

    Everyday, kids devise new ways to break bones and crack skulls. I love watching it.

  61. Brayan Collazo ツ

    Brayan Collazo ツ

    18 dagar sedan

    Jajajajaja un saludo desde México 🤣🤣🤣

  62. nothing here

    nothing here

    18 dagar sedan

    certainly the farmer was somewhat displeased.

  63. Rdubya


    18 dagar sedan

    Unless I’m missing something, Everyone just assuming the farmer was justified.

    • Martin W

      Martin W

      10 dagar sedan

      @Stephen P Murphy "You're clearly a self centered American rights..... Mine...mine.....mine.....mine ......" I'm English.. lol! Its nothing to do with RIGHTS, its to do with basic common sense and UK Law. Only an idiot would think the action of wrecking property costing thousands of pounds and hitting somebody with a fork lift truck is okay. Disproportionate force is clearly wrong, and if you support it then your cranium is devoid of anything even remotely resembling the human brain. "I don't have to respect your rights because my rights outweigh anyone else's rights" NOBODY has the right to administer *disproportionate* force. Nobody has the right to endanger life with a fork lift truck. Nobody has the right to wreck property. Nobody has the right to dump a wrecked car in public road. OBVIOUSLY! His right to not have people park on his land should be supported with *proportionate* measures. That means contacting the authorities, not taking the law into his own hands and causing property damage and endangering life. This is OBVIOUS! we don't live in an anarchic society. Your response with unnecessary repetition of words demonstrates you are young, unintelligent and a troll. And the evidence given to the police was that they had a flat tyre and pushed it to the side of the road. The lad in question had severe bruising and difficulty walking. The police are investigating.

    • Stephen P Murphy

      Stephen P Murphy

      10 dagar sedan

      @Martin W You're clearly a self centered American rights..... Mine...mine.....mine.....mine ...... I don't have to respect your rights because my rights outweigh anyone else's rights Your private property means nothing... mines ..mine.....mine.....mine I'll sue you...I'll sue you...I'll sue My rights rights.. My rights rights My private property is mine...mine mine.. mine....mine.....mine... Me He Haw, he ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME.

    • Martin W

      Martin W

      11 dagar sedan

      I assume this is the UK. In which case we don't have the right to wreck somebody's property, knock them over with a vehicle and then dump their vehicle in a road causing a dangerous obstruction. If someone is on your land you call the police and have them removed. I would think the farmer got in serious trouble with the police.

    • Stephen P Murphy

      Stephen P Murphy

      11 dagar sedan

      @King Of the britons Thank you.

    • King Of the britons

      King Of the britons

      11 dagar sedan

      It's private gated property. As in not your gate not your property

  64. Qwerty Keyboard

    Qwerty Keyboard

    18 dagar sedan

    Probably thought they were vegan Feminist scumbags

  65. Pakour King

    Pakour King

    18 dagar sedan

    Phone is sink and dirty Grandma: okay I will wash with water for you 😂

  66. okinawa rary

    okinawa rary

    19 dagar sedan

    2:59 overkill

  67. Sylar


    19 dagar sedan

    Yea the difference here is they know where the farmer lives and the farmer has no idea who they are, just come back at night and poison his field and burn his machine and cars to the ground

  68. Russ Tanner

    Russ Tanner

    19 dagar sedan

    My family made it into a FailArmy video! 0:58

  69. Ty Stoltzfus

    Ty Stoltzfus

    19 dagar sedan

    In the farmers defense those people were trespassing

  70. paul slade

    paul slade

    20 dagar sedan

    The subs at beginning are wrong,he's saying all because me car broke down

  71. Amos Burton

    Amos Burton

    20 dagar sedan

    First clip is gold! Always satisfying when someone who acts entitled learns that they're not as special or important as they perceive themselves to be.

  72. x13x Monkeys

    x13x Monkeys

    21 dag sedan

    Way to go farmer!! 👍

  73. Adamn Sandler

    Adamn Sandler

    21 dag sedan

    I need one like that

  74. diablos250


    21 dag sedan

    Maybe get your car off the man's property pussboy.

  75. Bobby G

    Bobby G

    21 dag sedan

    Facts: 1) telehandlers are amazing bits of kit. 2) that was the straw that broke the farmers back. 3) farmer in big doodoo now 4) farmer also a legend 5) what a grade 'A' fanny for trying to kick telehandler 6) insurance nightmare

  76. Niklas Lund

    Niklas Lund

    21 dag sedan

    Guy with tractor. i get hes pissed but if he did that to my car. One of them big pretty rocks would go through his window and he would get pulled out

  77. nuke nuked

    nuke nuked

    21 dag sedan

    go the farmer one good way to deal with vegans LOL

  78. Island Chief

    Island Chief

    21 dag sedan

    That board slide🥲

  79. Tom


    22 dagar sedan

    If the idiot wanted to go out on those rocks that's fine but he should have left the dog behind

  80. Lulee Tomas

    Lulee Tomas

    23 dagar sedan

    That farmer was GOLD!!!

  81. NC B

    NC B

    23 dagar sedan

    The Bus 🚌 driver AHAHAHAHHAHAH

  82. Ayiana Zanari

    Ayiana Zanari

    24 dagar sedan


  83. Jack


    24 dagar sedan

    Romans 8:39 New International Version 39 neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God(A) that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.(B) Read full chapter

  84. Its_Davi


    24 dagar sedan

    Connor hat gelacht

  85. Joe Veitch

    Joe Veitch

    24 dagar sedan

    Screw calling cops country boys take care of their own business. Doubt that moron trespasses again lol

  86. Cornwall kev

    Cornwall kev

    24 dagar sedan

    Well done to the farmer. Proud of you son. You did the right thing. It was in the way ON YOUR PRIVATE LAND and it was stopping you from getting on with your job and feeding your family. 👍👍👏👏👏👏

  87. Rüdiger Kral

    Rüdiger Kral

    26 dagar sedan

    Great farmer

  88. beatsntoons


    26 dagar sedan

    jesus christ, that girl was nearly killed by that horse. She's lucky.



    26 dagar sedan

    4:02 Dislocated Wrist.

  90. Lacostelp


    27 dagar sedan

    Came here to say the horse one isn’t funny! Poor horse tripped and could have killed the rider rolling over her like that

  91. Gerhard Stolz

    Gerhard Stolz

    28 dagar sedan

    2:27 - karma)))

  92. Darren Z

    Darren Z

    28 dagar sedan

    We need Paul Harvey to tell us the rest of the story about that first video.

  93. B1aze


    28 dagar sedan

    I know it's bad but there's just something about the guy in the first clip being knocked down and the cameraman yelling out "Charlie!" that makes me laugh.

  94. Dafydd Jones

    Dafydd Jones

    28 dagar sedan

    So far anyone wondering about the first clip, most sources agree that that car was actually broken down as it was a courtesy car that didn't have a spare wheel and had a blow out, which is why they stopped and pulled off the road, to not block traffic. I agree they shouldn't have been on the farmers land but the law does favour the lads in this case as land owners no longer have the right to remove cars parked on their property and must have the local authority remove it, or they are liable for any damages. I empathise with the farmer as reports suggest that there ware a lot of tourists blocking private land to go off exploring, and it seems they had been harassed earlier in the day by other tourists but in this case it seems the 2 lads did have a valid reason to be there, and it could have been resolved civily.

  95. Attila Zabos

    Attila Zabos

    28 dagar sedan

    I cannot do it better!😂 Congr. for farmer

  96. Revolutionaries Of Freedom

    Revolutionaries Of Freedom

    29 dagar sedan

    Everyone supporting the farmer until it’s your car that it’s been destroyed

  97. Thomas Swainson

    Thomas Swainson

    29 dagar sedan

    That entire farm would end up in flames if he did that to my horse

  98. Stephen Villafana

    Stephen Villafana

    Månad sedan

    Farmer President

  99. K


    Månad sedan

    Exactly what the farmer should've done!

  100. The Spectator

    The Spectator

    Månad sedan

    1:29 damn, even i can feel that epic pain :( hope he is fine after that one :(

    • Jason Daniel

      Jason Daniel

      7 dagar sedan

      I have watched that clip a couple times. Every time I can only cringe!