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  1. Crissy G

    Crissy G

    Månad sedan

    I needed a Good Laugh and FailArmy and Mother Nature delivered in a Big Way!!!✔️🔥❤️🔥

    • Jesus Ochoa

      Jesus Ochoa

      Månad sedan

      @Meghan Faris God is the only one AWESOME

    • Meghan Faris

      Meghan Faris

      Månad sedan

      Yes these were awesome 😎 awesome 🤩 👏

    • Zach Kennedy

      Zach Kennedy

      Månad sedan

      Oh don't worry. They'll F it up

    • Jesus Ochoa

      Jesus Ochoa

      Månad sedan

      Blessings Psalms 103:5 Who satisfieth thy mouth with good things; so that thy youth is renewed like the eagle's./inspiration+"Youth is wasted on the young!" How true is that statement! The older we get the more we long for the days of our youth, when we were more energetic and our joints didn’t creak every time we took a step. When we look into the mirror and see a new wrinkle or gray hair, we wax nostalgic for the days of smooth skin and shiny locks. In this passage, we are told that youthful vitality is not lost to us, not through God. He will renew us as the "eagle." Eagle. Not sparrow, or swallow, or hummingbird. But the strong and mighty eagle, who can fly up to 10,000 feet, who has over 7,000 feathers to keep it warm and dry, who has exceptional eyesight and seems to soar effortlessly. The eagle is a symbol of strength and grace. Through God, we have the ability to maintain our own strength, stamina and vitality. Through God, we are renewed. Through God, we are made young again. /prayer+ Father, I thank You for giving me the strength and stamina of the eagle. I thank You for restoring to me the vitality and energy of my youth. Let me use it to better serve You. Amen

    • A Publick Domain

      A Publick Domain

      Månad sedan

      It took me a second to realize FA also means the _other_ kind of nature. 🤓

  2. 5 Minute Psychology

    5 Minute Psychology

    8 dagar sedan

    What was the point in showing the fire?

  3. jr h

    jr h

    8 dagar sedan

    I'd be so pissed at that delivery guy, the plant did nothing wrong and now it probably all over their porch lol

  4. gjozefi


    12 dagar sedan

    OMG 4:10 was adorable.

  5. Ironymus


    12 dagar sedan

    the moment the weasel lost his tension and slowly slided to the floor 😂😂

  6. Dave Chivell gardner

    Dave Chivell gardner

    15 dagar sedan

    the purple stain was probably an improvement



    19 dagar sedan

    Its funny how she said its not coming off as its legit coming off

  8. Yabbo !

    Yabbo !

    21 dag sedan

    I do not understand waxing nose hair...They are there for a reason. It's to prevent you from inhaling debris and pollen. The nose hairs catch it before it gets in your lungs where it does not belong

  9. G. Bruce

    G. Bruce

    25 dagar sedan

    1:02 DAM LOL

  10. Allan Mascarin

    Allan Mascarin

    26 dagar sedan

    1:24 Just watch this in the slower speedy...

  11. IsacAssimov


    27 dagar sedan


  12. Scott Frost

    Scott Frost

    27 dagar sedan

    Why and who on earth threw the fire clip in? An entire neighborhood on fire? That was far from funny wtf

  13. Darren Z

    Darren Z

    28 dagar sedan

    Poor dude losing his teeth. You can see the exact moment he died inside. It's hard to tell if the girl was laughing at him, or if it was the adrenaline rush from the ride.

  14. Mac attack

    Mac attack

    28 dagar sedan

    I remember me and my buddy riding on our 1st wave together. He died.

  15. MikGaming


    28 dagar sedan

    1:22 who wants fireworks?

  16. LogGrad98


    Månad sedan

    Do people understand that a fail is meant to be a humorous mishap, and not car accidents in which people get hurt or wildfires that endanger lives?

  17. FireDash RedDragon

    FireDash RedDragon

    Månad sedan

    1:21 vrrrrrrrrrr KABOOM



    Månad sedan


  19. Manlio Martínez Barona

    Manlio Martínez Barona

    Månad sedan

    1:03 México mágico

  20. Eff3ct


    Månad sedan

    1:45 what is that?

  21. Savannah


    Månad sedan

    1:04 what the-

  22. Paul Penna

    Paul Penna

    Månad sedan

    i have a rule now for fail army vids. if i see three recycled videos i turn it off. three strikes and you’re out!

  23. If it's in the Word Then it's in the word

    If it's in the Word Then it's in the word

    Månad sedan

    Point 1:09.... That's some excellent advertisement for that pickup truck!!!!!!! I think it's a Chevy.

  24. Salvador Garza

    Salvador Garza

    Månad sedan

    My God, that poor guy was probably on a 1st date with her, and he let out his darkest secret

  25. Majik Man

    Majik Man

    Månad sedan

    4:15 thats hilarious

  26. graham parker

    graham parker

    Månad sedan

    Am staying purple 😂😂😂

  27. Фаолинт


    Månad sedan

    3:14: Davy ego, bliat`!

  28. LiveandLetDrive


    Månad sedan

    2:00 "I guess I just blue myself" / "I've made a huge mistake..."

  29. Patti Morton

    Patti Morton

    Månad sedan

    Cat wants chicken

  30. Russell Kaye

    Russell Kaye

    Månad sedan

    I really enjoy the fails. I cannot stand the ignorance of waxing, especially the nose. Would all of you doing this also pull the air filter out of your car? we are born with hair and somehow we have made it bad? it's a ridiculous thing to do and all of you sheep should consider doing something original.

  31. Robin


    Månad sedan

    2:24 Wear helmet people, no matter how funny it looks - Its worth it.

  32. Sir The Overseer

    Sir The Overseer

    Månad sedan

    1:22 man creates death

  33. jake Ryan

    jake Ryan

    Månad sedan

    Hopefully that was not a date where he lost his teeth. i almost shat myself

  34. Laura Guzman

    Laura Guzman

    Månad sedan

    Oh bro forest fire? lol epic fail

  35. Shannon Peacock

    Shannon Peacock

    Månad sedan

    PLEASE remove the subtitles. They are so distracting.

  36. Emanuell L

    Emanuell L

    Månad sedan

    1:08 Looks like someone is moving to TX

  37. Carry Daily

    Carry Daily

    Månad sedan

    I wish they would stop with the nose wax things. Nobody finds that funny.

  38. 11kDub_playz


    Månad sedan

    1:11 holy shit

  39. lildutchy


    Månad sedan

    where was the fail with that fire almost at the end?!

    • Baboon


      Månad sedan

      He literally says the exact location

  40. Josh Letunovskiy

    Josh Letunovskiy

    Månad sedan

    Oh sweetheart let’s now talk some eventually

  41. zealot951


    Månad sedan

    1:18 Well, pick up the potted plant that you blind ass knocked down!

  42. Your Creepy Uncle

    Your Creepy Uncle

    Månad sedan

    4:57 My friend, you need to dump that filthy trashbag. It's clear she's one of those vapid yet sadistic people who only care about themselves. Kick the bitsh out.

    • Baboon


      Månad sedan

      ???? I don’t think anyone would be calm on a slingshot my guy, she was also not acting bad in anyway

  43. LetsRocka


    Månad sedan

    Waxing videos are really not funny...

  44. Chairman Meow ✓

    Chairman Meow ✓

    Månad sedan

    Failarmy need to google what *fail* means

  45. Alexander Black

    Alexander Black

    Månad sedan

    4:19 legendary shit

  46. treck87


    Månad sedan

    Why do you have such an obsession with body hair videos. They aren't funny. You're weird and gross.



    Månad sedan

    I feel so fucking bad for that dude with teeth omg bad date ever That's funny 🤣🤣🤣 But uhh gosh FFS bruh🤦🏻‍♂🤦🏻‍♂🤦🏻‍♂ poor guy

  48. Karen Hobgood

    Karen Hobgood

    Månad sedan

    What's with Generation "D" and the nose hair pull???

  49. Norbert Simkó

    Norbert Simkó

    Månad sedan

    1:03 WTF

  50. Pimpx


    Månad sedan

    Disgusting things are not funny.

  51. Jake Eves

    Jake Eves

    Månad sedan

    love how that cat just jumped up and tried to steal that piece of meat and wouldent let go of it lile my meat grrr

  52. setovegeta


    Månad sedan

    4:20 I am not sure why, but that was the funniest clip to me hahaha. Nice video!

  53. Meghan Faris

    Meghan Faris

    Månad sedan

    Man Oh Man 😬😬😫😖

  54. Gumbi Hilt

    Gumbi Hilt

    Månad sedan

    I felt that skateboard one in my soul.

  55. Dakota Dad

    Dakota Dad

    Månad sedan

    Always enjoy other people’s misery but I’d say at least 3/4 of these videos have nothing to do with nature and more to do with some peoples unfortunate stupidity 😂

  56. Eva Hyland

    Eva Hyland

    Månad sedan

    when the ferret and keg girl are almost indistinguishable....

    • breathe and squeeze

      breathe and squeeze

      Månad sedan

      Wet noodles.

  57. iiiVLONE33


    Månad sedan

    2:23 gotta bend your knees more than that and your trucks cant be so loose smh

  58. iiiVLONE33


    Månad sedan

    1:25 *the welder from hell*

  59. Kelly M

    Kelly M

    Månad sedan

    Resdadr Tr

  60. Randall Chase

    Randall Chase

    Månad sedan

    2:25 that’s a freaking concussion 🤕 for sure!

  61. Orphan Of Orbit

    Orphan Of Orbit

    Månad sedan

    All I see are mostly idiots.

  62. perv8898


    Månad sedan

    She should have performed surgery on the cat and extracted the pig's foot! She had the tools!

  63. mmeyerh70


    Månad sedan

    Need to change the title. None of these videos had anything to do with nature striking back.

  64. Mitch Blackmore

    Mitch Blackmore

    Månad sedan

    What the hell are all those people trying to pull out of their nose??? Is this another one of those 'eat tide pods' deals?

  65. Risky Rudy

    Risky Rudy

    Månad sedan


  66. S B

    S B

    Månad sedan

    You're an a**hole if your pet is in distress and all you do is film it.

  67. Amanda McCauley

    Amanda McCauley

    Månad sedan

    i love your videos they are sooooo funny 🤣🤣🤣👏👏❤

  68. HarderStylesOfCanada


    Månad sedan

    5:02 mans was crushed. She let him have it loll

  69. cowboy6591


    Månad sedan

    Tired of these so called fail videos being nothing more then "Chick Flicks".

  70. Theodore Laval

    Theodore Laval

    Månad sedan

    2:15 - i'm a little more concerned about her eyes, actually.

  71. Erica Graham

    Erica Graham

    Månad sedan

    Looooool ))))))))))))))

  72. Mr. Schwarz

    Mr. Schwarz

    Månad sedan

    3:15 was like 4 inch away of getting fired

  73. Tony Reynolds

    Tony Reynolds

    Månad sedan

    We had a saying back in the day; Are you stoned or stupid? That one girl was stained and stupid.

  74. 8 ball181 Hand

    8 ball181 Hand

    Månad sedan

    4:30 the look on his face when he realizes the date is over

  75. Dano


    Månad sedan

    Give the cat that chicken. Please!!!

  76. DarkNess


    Månad sedan

    esta usando um video br seu corno

  77. Peter Miller

    Peter Miller

    Månad sedan

    What was the fail with the burning hill?

  78. The Dominators 123

    The Dominators 123

    Månad sedan

    2:59 my friend just wanted to take a swim 😂😂😂😭😭

  79. Drewskii


    Månad sedan

    2:23 yoooo that’s my boy Lmaoo. This nigga Chris really ate shit

  80. Corn holio

    Corn holio

    Månad sedan

    Such big fires are not funny at all. People and animals die in there ...

  81. Demon Cory

    Demon Cory

    Månad sedan

    Отписка за рекламу

  82. Manoj Reddy

    Manoj Reddy

    Månad sedan

    The teeth dude situation is the funniest shit I’ve seen... 😂😂

  83. kalef1234


    Månad sedan

    these waxing clips are just gross. please no

  84. Tempus Tempus

    Tempus Tempus

    Månad sedan

    We blaze for real 24/7 no joke

  85. Riff Raff

    Riff Raff

    Månad sedan

    4:59 The moment he realized he wasn't gettin laid cuz he lost his teeth

  86. LaLaLand


    Månad sedan

    I love 0:40! Kitty says "MINE"- Yes, cats are hunters and opportunists, what a lovely display! Darn Human, let Kitty her loot! She worked for that! Like Miss GMT said:" I needed a good laugh"- Let the Darwin Train depart, Thanks FailArmy!

  87. Eric Bertrand

    Eric Bertrand

    Månad sedan

    Zero pity for the purple chick.

  88. Jordan heinrich

    Jordan heinrich

    Månad sedan

    leave your nose hair in your nose idiots

  89. Marc Villagomez

    Marc Villagomez

    Månad sedan

    I wonder if anyone found his tooth 🦷 😂

  90. Aleksandar Djurovic

    Aleksandar Djurovic

    Månad sedan

    Dogs the best one lol

  91. Yours Truly

    Yours Truly

    Månad sedan

    Remember when everyone on youtube was keepimg up with this channel...

  92. funtasticandfancyfre


    Månad sedan

    You don’t have teeth? Bruce: nooooooohhh

  93. Brisingr


    Månad sedan

    How is this a fail? 1:03

  94. Team Solemdal

    Team Solemdal

    Månad sedan


  95. Karan Amberkar

    Karan Amberkar

    Månad sedan


  96. Southern Gentleman

    Southern Gentleman

    Månad sedan

    The man lost a tooth?!

  97. Kelsea Nova

    Kelsea Nova

    Månad sedan

    The cat eating the meat was helarious.

  98. Tori Latham

    Tori Latham

    Månad sedan

    I peed a little when the girl list her nail in the girls nose.😂😂😂

  99. Hailey Dixon

    Hailey Dixon

    Månad sedan

    What was happening on 1:43 !?

  100. Fredy Navas

    Fredy Navas

    Månad sedan

    1:00 Soltá! Soltá! es mi trabajo, es mi paciente... [Let go! Let go! it's my job, it's my patient ...]