About 10 degrees from an ACL tear.


  1. Blaruss


    28 dagar sedan

    Dude gets up and almost slips again but it gets cut short 😂😂

  2. It's Just Ryan

    It's Just Ryan

    Månad sedan

    Him: "Oh my god, that hurt so bad!" Me: "SOMEONE CALL 911!!!!!!!”

  3. Osagie E. Guobadia

    Osagie E. Guobadia

    Månad sedan

    Caution: Slippery when Ice Wet.

  4. Trine Johnsen

    Trine Johnsen

    Månad sedan


  5. Pixelcraftian


    Månad sedan

    The student: “He got hit on the head by ice.” The school teacher: “Some ice will do.”

  6. Alan Owen

    Alan Owen

    Månad sedan

    Fuking spam

  7. Rev Fry

    Rev Fry

    Månad sedan

    These last several clips really make you think.... how does one filter out youtube shorts?

  8. Bobby White

    Bobby White

    Månad sedan

    That’s what you get for wearing shorts in the dead of winter

  9. Mulreay


    Månad sedan

    Seriously guys, do you have a separate team of people called the 'shit idea team?' That you're just trying to keep happy? We've been through so much shite like sound effects, random music and now you want to flood my feed with 5-10 second clips? Get your shit together guys, and stop trying to be something you're not. Just steal the videos, edit them together, stop repeating the past stuff, and do what your sub count deserves.

  10. Seth Kaicer

    Seth Kaicer

    Månad sedan

    I don't care what Universe you're from that's gotta hurt!

  11. Chris Funk

    Chris Funk

    Månad sedan

    Man how? Ice ?



    Månad sedan

    Oooh! that looks painful!

  13. superhumansight


    Månad sedan

    Get off your fucking phones, people...

  14. sesabio


    Månad sedan

    Hope he's ok

  15. Mikes strikes

    Mikes strikes

    Månad sedan

    So shorts are basically a lazy youtube video? How do i filter this crap out of my sub box

  16. Liviu Preda

    Liviu Preda

    Månad sedan

    what the fuck is with these short videos!? unsubbed

  17. toktikmix


    Månad sedan

    “I'm ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᶦⁿᵍ ᵗᵒ ᵉᵛᵉʳʸᵒⁿᵉ ʷʰᵒ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᵉˢ ᵗᵒ ᵐᵉ ᵃⁿᵈ tell me” 😍

  18. Funny Animals Gisele

    Funny Animals Gisele

    Månad sedan


  19. crizzl


    Månad sedan

    Okay now it's getting annoying. Don't spam my subscription box you short extremists.

  20. Nshep99


    Månad sedan

    That’s what you get for wearing shirts during winter

  21. Rocío Regadera Costa

    Rocío Regadera Costa

    Månad sedan

    I mean, it is cold, isn't it? So... Why the hell is he with shorts???? 🥶🥶

  22. Hazukro


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  23. Garathnor


    Månad sedan

    i will fucking rage if you post 4523342134213 of these to my inbox dude

  24. Dmitriy Best

    Dmitriy Best

    Månad sedan


  25. AndenIDK


    Månad sedan

    Stop spamming my sub feed .. Thx..

  26. Purple Haze

    Purple Haze

    Månad sedan

    Why do I enjoy watching these type of videos?? Is it bad that they always make me laugh watching people get hurt LMAO 🤣🤣😂😂

  27. Michael Tyler

    Michael Tyler

    Månad sedan

    Whenever I see people staring at their phones as they step onto frost-covered ground in deck shoes, my only wish is that they get a cranial fracture and fall into a vegetative state. They are no use to humanity.

    • hounddog2952


      Månad sedan

      You can tell he was raised by nothing but females . He has female tenancy and he's loaded to the gills with soy and estrogen ! Typical city boy 😂

  28. Tha Pume

    Tha Pume

    Månad sedan

    Sadly SE-one shorts are like free clicks. Oh well, it was nice while it last...

    • Jeegu Nugger

      Jeegu Nugger

      2 dagar sedan

      ??? What are yoy complaining about now karen?

  29. Karolis


    Månad sedan

    Fuck these shorts. Unsubed

  30. Eric Dawson

    Eric Dawson

    Månad sedan

    9 seconds. Why bother? Boo

  31. ZEredder


    Månad sedan

    You spam my subscriptions with a single one more of these and I'm gone.

    • Konrad Okoński

      Konrad Okoński

      Månad sedan

      Haha came here to write this comment ;)

    • Inexpressable


      Månad sedan

      Go cry

  32. Leland Holton

    Leland Holton

    Månad sedan

    That knee will hurt longer than his ego even after he gets annual updates from Google and Apple about this video having annual anniversaries.

  33. A Bike and Its Boy

    A Bike and Its Boy

    Månad sedan

    An ACL tear, child's play. I tore the ACL, MCL, and both meniscus. Go big or go home!

    • R Simpson

      R Simpson

      Månad sedan

      I don't think it's a contest

  34. Phrea Nix

    Phrea Nix

    Månad sedan


  35. Smokin Gun

    Smokin Gun

    Månad sedan

    climate change haha

  36. RancisGamer


    Månad sedan

    Why does it hurt more every time I watch it 😱🤣🤣

    • Nadeem g

      Nadeem g

      Månad sedan

      Because each time you watch it you're watching it with a prior knowledge of what's to come. This allows your brain to ignore certain parts and look out for new information that it may have missed.



    Månad sedan


  38. GOAT


    Månad sedan

    That was CLOSEEEE sheesh

  39. Joe seph

    Joe seph

    Månad sedan

    Testing out putting up short clips instead of comps? I didn't subscribe for this bullshit. Make another channel if you wana post shorts

  40. Z Zetzenstein

    Z Zetzenstein

    Månad sedan

    Upload this 8 seconds shit elsewhere!

  41. edwelty


    Månad sedan

    Ouch 😣

  42. Warble Durbler

    Warble Durbler

    Månad sedan

    I didn't have the attention span to watch the whole clip

  43. Angry Applesauce

    Angry Applesauce

    Månad sedan

    If you spam my subscription feed I'm going to unsub.

  44. Brad M

    Brad M

    Månad sedan

    Something similar happened to me there except I fell forward and broke both bones in my lower leg and now there’s a rod in it :/

  45. Floyd Maseda

    Floyd Maseda

    Månad sedan

    Stop this fucking 8 second video shit. Why upload 1009238408 per day instead of just one compilation?

  46. Mary M

    Mary M

    Månad sedan

    I just got surgery and laughed so hard it hurts I’m crying 😭

    • GHiZA


      Månad sedan

      No way mee too lol

    • Nick Syrota

      Nick Syrota

      Månad sedan

      Aw nooooooo

  47. Naters 12

    Naters 12

    Månad sedan


  48. LordSinues


    Månad sedan

    Wanna earn more money by posting each clip now ? disgusting!

  49. Kotu is garbo

    Kotu is garbo

    Månad sedan

    got fucking crossed up by winter

  50. Christian


    Månad sedan

    Yeah can you not spam my subscription inbox with a bunch of shitty clips? Thanks

  51. Sebastian Rozo

    Sebastian Rozo

    Månad sedan


  52. Raphaël Lamarre Cliche

    Raphaël Lamarre Cliche

    Månad sedan

    Last time I was this early the number 19 wasn't preceded by Covid-

    • stubones


      Månad sedan

      Everyone is Kungflu fighting 😂

    • Ben Ontiveros

      Ben Ontiveros

      Månad sedan

      Every time I heard 19 I thought 2319 we got A 2319 . Ohhh how right they were

  53. Xyst Patterns

    Xyst Patterns

    Månad sedan

    Yeah that was close

  54. SainzGamerYT


    Månad sedan


  55. Jakob Bailey

    Jakob Bailey

    Månad sedan

    Christ those can hurt

  56. Garett Mehlitz

    Garett Mehlitz

    Månad sedan


  57. G0ATlE


    Månad sedan

    He acted like he fell 30 feet

    • jrock two

      jrock two

      Månad sedan

      do you know what an acl tear is...