Messy Food Fails | How Not To Cook 2021


  1. Phobe Romys

    Phobe Romys

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    Why would you want to go to a restaurant where they throw food at you?

    • Kayla Silverstein

      Kayla Silverstein

      16 dagar sedan

      It’d be pretty fun on two conditions: one, I can wear my nastiest street clothes so that if I get stained with tomato sauce or grape juice or whatever it’s no big deal. And two, the floor is clean enough to eat from, because no way I’m gonna order something, have it thrown at me and only get two bites and have the rest fall to the floor

    • C. ROXAS

      C. ROXAS

      18 dagar sedan

      Why someone does anything? Because of boredom!

    • Playful Latios

      Playful Latios

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      I've caught food before when they throw food toward you. It is fun to do. We have gone to a restaurant that does that for a work party a few times.

    • Rebecca Smith

      Rebecca Smith

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    • cstarr3


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      You don't want to go to a restaurant where they throw food at you. You want to go to a restaurant where they throw food at your friends.

  2. Tatealius Lewis

    Tatealius Lewis

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    I like the one that he took the chicken out of the microwave

  3. Hannah 한나

    Hannah 한나

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    The guy washing the chicken is the best 😂😂😂😂

  4. Nie mals

    Nie mals

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    Why show the same clip 50 times

  5. Dave Chivell gardner

    Dave Chivell gardner

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    watching these videos i often think these people should never leave their home but i can see they are not safe in their home either

  6. James Harris

    James Harris

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    People in Beirut and elsewhere are starving, meat is too expensive for them to buy. Imagine them watching this video.

  7. andriyhpha jojo

    andriyhpha jojo

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  8. Omaer 1

    Omaer 1

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    Very Nice!

  9. Masaharu Morimoto

    Masaharu Morimoto

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    Great video, all hilarious, all unedited, no sound effects, no shitty videos.

  10. Alan Lu desu

    Alan Lu desu

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    6:48 this is why you should never break spaghetti in half...

  11. Alan Lu desu

    Alan Lu desu

    5 dagar sedan

    6:03 the pan fell off the handle... 6:06 but it still landed perfectly!!! (this is probably the luckiest pancake drop...)

  12. Moonstruck Exploring

    Moonstruck Exploring

    5 dagar sedan

    She said, "wash the meat"

  13. Rhythmic Soul

    Rhythmic Soul

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    Gotta love how most of these guys try to flip crepes, pancakes, etc. in the deepest pan they could find.

  14. Aidan KNIGHT

    Aidan KNIGHT

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    People out here Be sayin white peeps can’t cook when this dude washing meat with fricken dish soap

  15. New Nation

    New Nation

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    Most of this peoples are really stupid! 😆

  16. D_Kono


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    This is fucking painful

  17. Monica B

    Monica B

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    A lot of people own cheap ass pans.

  18. ᖇOYᗩᒪ ᑎᗩY

    ᖇOYᗩᒪ ᑎᗩY

    8 dagar sedan

    The McDonald’s falling will always haunt me :(



    8 dagar sedan

    Stop using 99¢ Store pans!!

  20. Poe The Fallen

    Poe The Fallen

    9 dagar sedan

    I would like to know why do people clap when they make something stupid or when they f*ck up.

  21. Xcm


    9 dagar sedan

    Rip the food

  22. Taneika Anderson

    Taneika Anderson

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  23. G M

    G M

    9 dagar sedan

    If people were really hungry and appreciated their food they wouldn't be so careless and waste it.

  24. Jay Caswell

    Jay Caswell

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    Your not suppose to wash chicken with soap. Moment is at 2:35

  25. I hate Colds

    I hate Colds

    11 dagar sedan

    Flipping food gone wrong

  26. apollo13jim


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    The guy that "Wash da meat".......? Well, he is a Gator fan.....

  27. Jennifer Wills

    Jennifer Wills

    11 dagar sedan

    0:03 boss: that's it! You're fired!

  28. tony tony

    tony tony

    11 dagar sedan

    Strange thing is how exactly every pan's handle breaking maybe they loosened handle nut

  29. Manish sahu

    Manish sahu

    13 dagar sedan

    Title should be this👇 "Idiots in kitchen"

  30. Manish sahu

    Manish sahu

    13 dagar sedan

    1:13 100% skill but 0% Luck😂

  31. Amélie Zh

    Amélie Zh

    13 dagar sedan detergent...

  32. Nico Rozo

    Nico Rozo

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    7:51 minutes of idiots struggling to eat something

  33. Jackie LaGeek

    Jackie LaGeek

    13 dagar sedan

    People,you can use a spatula and still cook cool!

  34. Firstname Lastname

    Firstname Lastname

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    Kitchen Fails - Proudly Sponsored by Kitchenware Made in China

    • Amélie Zh

      Amélie Zh

      13 dagar sedan

      Jesus fuc,..

  35. Sir Monster

    Sir Monster

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    7:40 has happened to my mom twice. If you ain't making slits in the chestnuts, the heat can not be dispersing and they explode, sending nut shell shrapnel everywhere.

  36. Josh Miller

    Josh Miller

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    Could you just imagine Gordon Ramsay watching him wash chicken, with dish detergent...

    • Jennifer Wills

      Jennifer Wills

      11 dagar sedan

      The chicken will taste like lifebuoy

  37. dan nelson

    dan nelson

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    :17 lmfao we also have gravity bud

  38. Subnotical Outdoorsman

    Subnotical Outdoorsman

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    0:57 you didn't show the full clip

  39. Wild Racoons

    Wild Racoons

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    either these people are drunk or dumb af.

  40. Ajay Shekhawat

    Ajay Shekhawat

    14 dagar sedan

    Is it compulsory in western culture to not to respect food ??

  41. ACE YT

    ACE YT

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    This video got me weak

  42. dbealby


    14 dagar sedan

    Not with soap!!

  43. v_virus C

    v_virus C

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    Send those people who play with food into desert

  44. gooner3010


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    3:31 best face expression

  45. Mladi vuk

    Mladi vuk

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    Koji trip kad je počela na našem da peva

  46. rodger Rodger

    rodger Rodger

    14 dagar sedan

    This is the ultimate example of how the world's IQ has dropped sharply throughout the decades. On top of the fact there's countless places in the world that would have picked through the broken glass to eat the macaroni and cheese off of the floor and risked the dangers of eating shards if glass.

  47. Shock Kie

    Shock Kie

    14 dagar sedan

    Suddenly I feel like a pro cook

  48. Billybob Jones

    Billybob Jones

    14 dagar sedan

    I never believed people were as useless as they really are, until I started watching this type of video. No common sense in any of them, it's called common sense because the common people had it as the royalty didn't need it as they had people doing everything for them that did have the sense. Now days it's no longer common any more, large portions of the population would actually die, if they were left to fend for themselves. A Zombie apocalypse wouldn't even need to happen, just no Electricity for a month would kill of over a third of the western world, just from not being able to find water or food as the stores would all be empty the first week. I grew up on a farm and learnt very early how to live off the land very easily. We could go on Hikes with just the bare necessities and eat well every day, I doubt anyone under 40 these days could make a fire with out matches or lighter. These videos show they can barely work out how to use tools most of the time, watching a Millennial try to hit a nail or place a screw is hilarious, cutting wood is almost a Hospital visit waiting to happen.

  49. Robb Brown

    Robb Brown

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    Failarmy = Lamearmy

  50. xXsophie vacker-sencenXx

    xXsophie vacker-sencenXx

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  51. X


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    The FailArmy videos used to be pretty funny however through the years people have become less funny and are now just stupid. This was 8 minutes of idiots. It was more frustrating and annoying to watch than anything.

  52. Thane Falkner

    Thane Falkner

    15 dagar sedan

    "Makayla" followed by the best little turd chuckle ever.

  53. Dan Sincs

    Dan Sincs

    15 dagar sedan

    Like we havent seen all of these videos before....

  54. Brutal Stuff

    Brutal Stuff

    15 dagar sedan

    What the fuck are doing to that chicken!!!!

  55. Ghostcatcher64


    15 dagar sedan

    For me biggest food fail when i was 12.. made french fries, took them out with a plastic spatula (smartass) but it was melting in the oil.. threw it in the sink, then big fumes from the plastic in the oil. So i took the pan (fat one) full of oil, put it in the sink and put water.. OF COURSE it made a Geyser of burning oil and water that touched the ceiling.. (lucky i started the water and ran). But best part is that the spatula i threw in the sink was stuck to the pan after everything cooled down, and it was also partially stuck to the sink. Fucking mess, but had a good 15 french fries batch. XD

  56. Pradyumna Dash

    Pradyumna Dash

    15 dagar sedan

    Abundance of something leads to destruction. People who don't have food will never dare to play with it. 🙏🏻

  57. an0n1 m0us

    an0n1 m0us

    15 dagar sedan

    Walmart pans and Twitch streamers who cannot cook. Love it.

  58. Mike Sensei

    Mike Sensei

    15 dagar sedan

    2:38.... NO WAY. Nobody is that stupid....are they?

  59. Malfas 98

    Malfas 98

    15 dagar sedan

    0:57 they cut the video so people won't be mad on the guy for kicking the food that is still mostly good lmao

  60. M. Long

    M. Long

    15 dagar sedan

    Baffles the mind how many bad pans there are out there ...

  61. Xiao Mei

    Xiao Mei

    15 dagar sedan

    ... WOW this was harder to watch than I thought .-.

  62. Funny Pets City

    Funny Pets City

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    Wanna Feel Happy All Day Long? Then watch Tricky Pets is all about funny clips of Pets that will totally brighten your day.

  63. Kayla Silverstein

    Kayla Silverstein

    16 dagar sedan

    1:47 “I kinda want your drink right now” drink explodes “it got in my mouth” Well you got what you wished for

  64. B Bloomfield

    B Bloomfield

    16 dagar sedan

    I think there's a big crossover between people who cook so rarely it needs to be recorded and the likelihood of them screwing it up.

  65. kopafan21


    16 dagar sedan

    I feel kind of bad for the guy that spilled coffee all over the floor

  66. FAILdose


    16 dagar sedan

    Wow! ✌🏻😎

  67. möth


    16 dagar sedan

    So many recycled clips

  68. Steve Utgaard

    Steve Utgaard

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  69. gaudion1


    16 dagar sedan

    In some countries people starve to death because they have no food and they play with food here

  70. Kelly PBR

    Kelly PBR

    17 dagar sedan

    Are there really people out there that don't think.?

  71. bcru3rds


    17 dagar sedan

    The one thing I learned from this video: there are a whole lot of people who do not know how to flip an omelet.

  72. Harry Gerber

    Harry Gerber

    17 dagar sedan

    I love FA but all this wasted food make me sad lol

  73. Harry Gerber

    Harry Gerber

    17 dagar sedan

    4:13 ugh that singing made me puke. Horrible singer.

  74. Pedro Martínez G

    Pedro Martínez G

    17 dagar sedan

    Vergüenza ajena

  75. Leon Kane

    Leon Kane

    17 dagar sedan

    Essential cooking needs to be taught at elemetary school

  76. Mistah Nogood

    Mistah Nogood

    17 dagar sedan

    Some people are born to order food. >_

  77. stanley weezy

    stanley weezy

    17 dagar sedan

    Unintentional comedy is my favourite!

  78. maybe paradigm

    maybe paradigm

    17 dagar sedan

    FailArmy fail. Reruns. 😒🥱🤬

  79. Гоша


    17 dagar sedan


  80. ES AL

    ES AL

    17 dagar sedan

    Just wash the meat in a running water.. That's it.. Very simple... Don't use dishwashing liquid.. Don't poison yourself and your family...

  81. Surya Prakash

    Surya Prakash

    17 dagar sedan

    Don't play with foods

  82. demigodtribe.


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  83. Abraham Molina Gaming and TikToks and More

    Abraham Molina Gaming and TikToks and More

    17 dagar sedan

    My fav part in 0:57

  84. Teka R

    Teka R

    17 dagar sedan

    Oh well, they definitely don’t make good pots like the olden days 😂😂

  85. Mary Ellen Putnam-Reinhardt

    Mary Ellen Putnam-Reinhardt

    17 dagar sedan

    A. I’m sure I’m in the minority, but I don’t want food “thrown” at my face. B. All of these made me cringe!!! 👩🏻‍🍳🥺 C. The last 2 are “everything “ 🤪🤪

  86. Davide Pannone

    Davide Pannone

    17 dagar sedan

    My dude literally washed with soap chicken.

  87. fauteh nikoo

    fauteh nikoo

    18 dagar sedan

    How i hate to see dumb people wasting food doing stupid things . If you aren't grateful with the food stop wasting it at least . there are people not very far from you starving and searching trashcans

  88. Brayan Collazo ツ

    Brayan Collazo ツ

    18 dagar sedan

    hahahahaha greetings to everyone 🤣🤣🤣🇲🇽😎👌🏆👍

  89. Tik GIF【イギリス】

    Tik GIF【イギリス】

    18 dagar sedan


  90. betobsbf


    18 dagar sedan

    oh, man

  91. Survivalist


    18 dagar sedan

    People in the west have eaten too much.... how much more poverty in countries like Iraq, Libya , and Syria, where your soldiers have walked, and you have a number of videos where they drop or brush food , amazes the imagination every year...

  92. C. ROXAS

    C. ROXAS

    18 dagar sedan

    The other half of these are just prime example of Cunningham's law everything that can go wrong...

  93. Autistic Pixel

    Autistic Pixel

    18 dagar sedan

    2:45 that was staged for views, no one is that dumb.

  94. Night Beauty

    Night Beauty

    18 dagar sedan

    Why on earth dish detergent

  95. Shelby Seelbach

    Shelby Seelbach

    18 dagar sedan


  96. Molly Henke

    Molly Henke

    18 dagar sedan

    0:57 - The fail isn't that he fell, it's the part where he, instead of deciding to picking the perfectly fine food up, he decided to waste it by throwing it to make an even bigger mess.

  97. FJ Bernal

    FJ Bernal

    18 dagar sedan

    When somebody is making really good pans?

  98. Wagner Wei

    Wagner Wei

    18 dagar sedan


  99. s에스


    18 dagar sedan

    0:57 Full video where?

  100. Vinicius Correia de Melo

    Vinicius Correia de Melo

    18 dagar sedan

    I love the channel but the new art style of the channel is horrible, sorry.